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Terms of use of P-ages.com

Last revision: 30 June 2021

Welcome to the P-ages.com Terms of Use! We welcome you. Thank you for choosing our services.

Below is an overview of important legal terms and conditions that apply to anyone who visits our website or uses our services. These terms are necessary to protect both you and us and to make our services possible and useful to everyone. P-ages offers a variety of services and functions; therefore, some of the following terms may not apply to the services you use.

We fully understand that legal terms can sometimes be difficult to read and we have tried to make things easier for you. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve them, please contact us at support@p-ages.com.


    Our services enable our users to easily create a beautiful and functional online presence, to manage and promote companies, information and ideas in a pleasant way - even without knowledge of technical matters or design. As we describe below, we provide our users with a variety of tools and features for creating, publishing and using eye-popping websites, E-commerce online platforms, newsletters, galleries, media players, mobile apps and other online and mobile applications, tools and services. The online and mobile websites and platforms created by our Users will from now on be collectively referred to as “User Platforms”.

    Legally Binding Agreement

    These P-ages.com Terms of Use (“Terms of Use”) and any additional terms and conditions that apply specifically to some of our services and features as offered on the P-ages.com website (s) (“P-ages.com Website P-ages ”, and collectively referred to as the“ P-ages Terms ”), together form the complete terms and conditions applicable to any visitor or user (“ User ”or“ you ”) of the P-ages Website, all other services, applications and functions offered by us in this regard, unless and to the extent expressly stated otherwise. All services offered through the P-ages Website are collectively referred to as the “P-ages Services”

    The P-ages Terms are a binding and enforceable legal agreement between you and P-ages.com regarding the use of all P-ages services - so please read them carefully.

    You may only access and / or use the P-ages Services if you fully agree to the P-ages.com Terms. By using or signing up to use P-ages Services, you indicate and confirm that you fully agree to these Terms of Use and all other P-ages Terms that apply to the use by yourself from the Services of P-ages. If you have not read, fully understand or agree to the P-ages Terms and Conditions, you should exit the P-ages Website immediately and avoid or discontinue any use of our Services. By using our Services, you declare that you have read our Privacy Policy, which can be found at http://www.p-ages.com/privacy Police.

    User account

    To access and use certain parts and features of the P-ags Services, you must first log in and create an account with P-ages.

    If someone other than yourself gains access to your User account and / or the settings of your User platform, that person can perform the same actions as you (unless explicitly stated otherwise in the Services of P-ages), make changes to your User platform (s) and your User Account, and accept all applicable legal terms, make warranties and representations, and more - and all of these activities will be deemed to have taken place in your name and on your behalf.

    We therefore strongly recommend that you keep your User account login details secret and only allow access to people you trust. After all, you remain fully liable for everything that happens on your User account and / or your User platforms (including, for example, also for any promises, guarantees and commitments), even if you have not given explicit permission for this, and for all damage, costs. or losses that may arise from such activities.

    When registering your User Account and using the P-ages Services, you must provide accurate and complete information to which you are the sole and exclusive owner. We strongly recommend that you provide your own (or your company's) contact and billing information, including a valid email address. After all, we may use this information to determine the actual and correct owner of a User Account and / or User Content (as defined below).

    In the event of a dispute over ownership of a User Account, we reserve the right, in our reasonable discretion, to determine ownership of a User Account, whether or not after we have conducted an independent investigation. However, if we believe (in our sole discretion) that we cannot determine this, we reserve the right not to determine this and / or suspend a User Account until the parties contesting ownership have reached an agreement. , without any liability on our part to you or to third parties. We may request documents (such as official identification or business licenses) to help us establish ownership. We can base ourselves, among other things, on the principles described below.
    P-ages assumes that the person or entity that has access to the email address that, according to P-ages's data, is associated with a User Account with which a particular User Platform or User Content has been created and / or uploaded to the relevant Service of P-ages, owns the User Account, User Platform and / or User Content.

    If Paid Services are purchased through a User Account, P-ages will assume that the owner of this User Account and / or the relevant User Platform and / or User Content is the person or entity whose payment details were used to create these Paid Services. to purchase (“Invoice Information”). However, if a User Platform is linked to an external domain name (either imported or purchased as part of certain Paid Services, as described below) and if the details of this domain registration have been made public through the P-ages database available at www .P-ages.com or available in the records of P-ages, P-ages will assume, regardless of the foregoing, that the person or entity listed as the registrant of this domain name is the owner of the relevant User Platform. If both a person and an organization are listed as a domain registrant, P-ages assumes that the organization is the actual owner of the domain name and therefore of the User Platform that is linked to this domain name. If the Invoice Data mentions another person as owner of the User Platform than the domain registration, P-ages will assume that the person listed as owner of the domain name associated with the P-ages account is the owner of the domain name. User platform.

    Nevertheless, P-ages has the right to determine ownership of User Content and / or a User Platform in its sole discretion. P-ages can therefore ignore the above assumptions if P-ages believes, entirely in its sole discretion, that such a conclusion is justified, on the basis of the factual situation as established by P-ages.

    Your obligations

    You represent and warrant:
    that you are at least eighteen (18) years old, or sixteen (16) years old if you are a resident of the European Union (EU) or have reached the age of majority in your jurisdiction, that you have the legal capacity, the right and have the freedom to accept the P-ages Terms and that you can commit on behalf of yourself or on behalf of the person or entity for which you accept the P-ages Terms;

    that you are not a resident of (or will use the P-ages Services in) a country where the use of the P-ages Services is prohibited by the United States government, that you are not on the list of Specially Designated Nationals from the US Treasury Department and that no other relevant sanctioning regime applies to you;

    that the country of your residence and / or the country of residence of your company is the country indicated in the contact details and / or the billing address that you have provided to us;

    that you are aware that P-ages is not providing legal advice or recommendations regarding the regulations or requirements that apply to you or your End Users, or regarding your compliance with them.

    In particular with regard to User Content, you represent and warrant:

    that you confirm that you have all rights in any content posted or offered by you, or imported, copied or posted by P-ages Services for you on your User Platform (“User Content”), including designs, images, animations, videos, audio files, fonts, logos, code, illustrations, compositions, artwork, interfaces, usernames, information you provide to create the name of a subdomain, texts, literary works and any other type of material (“ Content ”), or that you otherwise have (and will continue to have) the full authority, ownership, license and permission with respect to the User Content necessary to lawfully access or import such User Content. copy, use, publish, transfer or license by you and by us or our affiliates;

    that you have (and will continue to have) the full authority, title, license and permission to allow P-ages Services to access websites, web pages and / or other online services for the purpose of importing, copying, displaying upload, transfer and / or otherwise use your User Content;

    that the User Content is (and will remain) true, current, accurate, accurate and does not infringe (or will infringe) any rights of third parties and that it is in no way illegal for you to upload, import, or copy, possess, post, transmit, display or otherwise use in the country where you or the visitors and users of your User Platform (“End Users”) are located and that it is in no way unlawful for P-ages and / or your End Users to request, import, copy, upload, use or possess this content in connection with the P-ages Services;

    that you have all necessary consents and permissions required by all applicable law to post, transmit and publish personal data and / or images or portraits of natural persons, entities or properties that make up the User Content and that you agree will comply with all applicable laws.

    You agree and undertake:

    fully comply with all applicable laws and other contractual terms and conditions that apply to your use of the P-ages Services (and any related interactions or transactions), including the specific laws that apply to you or your End users in any of your geographic locations;

    be solely responsible and liable for any use of the P-ages Services that occurs from your User Account and / or User Platform (s) and for all your User Content (including any consequences of accessing, importing, uploading, copying, using or publishing such User Content on or in connection with the P-ages Services);

    to regularly and independently store and backup your User Content and the information processed by you in relation to your User Platform, including data relating to End Users, User Products and any third-party applications and / or Services that you use;

    from time to time receive promotional messages and materials from P-ages or its affiliates by post, email or any other channel you have made available to us (including your phone number for calls or text messages). If you do not wish to receive such promotional materials or communications, please let us know at any time;

    Allow P-ages the perpetual, worldwide and free use of any version of your User Platform (or any part thereof) for any P-ages marketing or promotional activity, online and / or offline and P-ages the right modify it to the extent reasonably necessary for such purposes. You waive any claim against P-ages and anyone acting on P-ages's behalf in respect of past, present or future moral rights, artist rights or other similar rights worldwide that you have on your User Platform for such limited permitted use ;

    to accept that P-ages is acting in its sole discretion in determining the means, modes and methods of providing the P-ages Services, including hosting, transmitting, publishing and / or displaying a User Platform and / or Content ( including the inclusion and presentation of advertisements or other related commercial content);

    to accept that P-ages has the right to offer P-ages Services under alternative pricing schedules and to impose different conditions on uploading, storing, downloading and using P-ages Services in any pricing schedule, such as restrictions on the use of network traffic and bandwidth, size and / or length of Content, quality and / or format of Content, sources of Content, download volume or time, number of subscribers to your Content and so on.

    You agree and undertake:

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nam quis euismod ante. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nullam vitae laoreet lorem. to refrain from copying, modifying, reusing, creating derivative works, downloading, adapting, reverse engineering, emulating, migrating to another service, translating, compiling, decompiling or dissecting P-ages's Website, the Services of P-ages (or parts thereof), Content offered by P-ages or by Third Party Services for use and display on User Platforms (“Licensed Content”) and / or parts thereof in any way, or public display, forward or distribute any of the above without the prior express written consent of P-ages and / or as expressly permitted in the P-ages Terms;

    to refrain from submitting, transmitting or displaying any User Content, or using Licensed Content, in a context that could be perceived as defamatory, defamatory, obscene, intimidating, threatening, inflammatory, insulting, racist, offensive , deceptive or fraudulent, inciting criminal or harmful conduct, or in any other way infringing the rights of P-ages or third parties (including intellectual property rights, privacy rights, contractual or fiduciary rights), or otherwise affecting any person, entity or casts a bad light on or discredits any brand without their prior explicit approval;

    to refrain from illegal acts to collect login details and / or passwords for other websites, third parties, software programs or services;

    to refrain from phishing activities and the collection, uploading or otherwise making available of credit card information or other types of financial information for the purpose of collecting payments, unless and to the extent that this is done in accordance with applicable law, such as the PCI DSS standard where applicable ;

    to refrain from uploading, inserting, collecting or otherwise making available within the P-ages Website or the P-ages Services (or parts thereof) of (i) malicious, unlawful, offensive or objectionable Content and / or (ii) protected medical information as defined under the term "Protected Health Information" in the US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ("HIPAA");

    to refrain from publishing and / or using P-ages Services or Licensed Content on any website, medium, network or system other than what is made available by P-ages, and / or from 'framing', ' deep linking, scraping, mirroring and / or creating a browser or framework regarding any of the Services of P-ages, Licensed Content and / or User Platforms (or parts thereof), unless expressly authorized in writing in advance by P-ages;

    refrain from using 'robots', 'spiders' or other automatic means, programs, scripts, algorithms or methods or similar or equivalent manual processes to access portions of the P-ages Services (whether the data and / or Content thereof) or to obtain, copy or monitor them and to reproduce or circumvent in any way the navigation structure or display of P-ages Services to access or attempt to access materials, documents, services or data through any means that are not knowingly made available through the Services of P-ages;

    not to act in a manner that could be viewed as detrimental to P-ages's reputation and goodwill, or which could harm or discredit P-ages;

    not to purchase keywords on a search engine or other pay-per-click platform (such as Google AdWords), or of domain names that use the name P-ages or of Brands of P-ages and / or variants or incorrectly spelled versions of this;

    not impersonate another person or entity and provide false information about P-ages's Services and / or the User Platform, either directly or indirectly, or otherwise manipulate your identity or the origin of a message whether any submission you send to P-ages and / or End Users is concealed;

    not misrepresent your affiliation with any person or entity or falsely claim or suggest that P-ages or any third party endorses you, your User Platform, your company, your User Products, or any communication of yourself;
    not to perform a reverse search ('reverse lookup') or to track or attempt to trace another User of the P-ages Services, does not impede the right to privacy or other rights of P-ages Users or violate, and not collect or collect personally identifiable information about visitors or users of the Services of P-ages and / or of the User Platform without their express informed consent;

    not to disable, circumvent or otherwise override measures intended to limit access to the Services of P-ages, the User platforms, accounts of other Users or other systems or networks relating to the Services of P-ages, or to prevent, through hacking, the harvesting of passwords ("password mining") or other illegal or prohibited methods;

    not to detect, scan or test for vulnerabilities of the Services of P-ages or of a network that is connected to the Services of P-ages;

    not upload to or use the Services of P-ages and / or a User Platform for the purpose of designing, developing, distributing and / or otherwise sending or executing a virus, worm, Trojan horse, time bomb, web bug , spyware, malware or other computer code, files or programs that are or may be intended to damage or hijack the operation of hardware, software or telecommunications equipment, or of other harmful or potentially harmful, disruptive or invasive components or computer code;

    not to take any action that imposes an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on the infrastructure of the P-ages Services or on P-ages systems or networks connected to the P-ages Services, not in any other way. disrupt or interfere with the operation of P-ages Services or the servers and networks on which they are hosted or made available, and comply with the requirements, procedures, policies or rules regarding such servers or networks take;

    not to use the Services of P-ages and / or User Platforms in the context of any form of spam, unsolicited e-mail, fraud, scam, phishing, chain letters, pyramid schemes or similar practices, and not otherwise engage in unethical marketing or advertising;

    not allow yourself to access P-ages Services, User Accounts, Licensed Content and / or User Content through methods or technologies (such as "scraping" and "crawling") other than our publicly supported interfaces;

    not to sell, license or exploit for any commercial purpose the use of or access to the Licensed Content and / or the Services of P-ages, unless expressly permitted in the P-ages Terms;

    not to remove any copyright notices, watermarks, restrictions and signs indicating the proprietary rights of our licensors, including the copyright symbol [©], Creative Commons indicators [(cc)] or trademarks [® or ™], which can be found in or in conjunction with P-ages Services and / or Licensed Content;

    not violate, attempt to violate, or otherwise fail to comply with the P-ages Terms and other regulations and terms that apply to your use of the P-ages Services; and

    not to access or use the Services for the purpose of benchmarking or similar competitive analysis or for the purpose of developing competing products or services.
    You acknowledge and agree that failure to comply with the above or misrepresentation by you in this regard may result in immediate termination of your User Account and / or Services made available to you - with or without further notice to you and without any refund of amounts already paid for these Services.

    Content and Ownership

    Your Intellectual Property

    In relation to P-ages, you own all intellectual property rights in your User Content and all other materials created by you, including designs, images, animations, videos, audio files, fonts, logos, illustrations, compositions, artworks, code, interfaces, texts and literary works. P-ages does not claim ownership of your content. You acknowledge and agree that, solely in order to provide the Service to you, we need to access and upload and / or copy your User Content to our platform, including cloud services and content delivery networks (CDNs), adjustments to the display, make backup copies and perform all other technical actions to provide our Services, in our sole discretion.

    Intellectual Property of P-ages

    All right, title and interest in the Services of P-ages, including any materials that may be protected by copyright or other content that is or may be subject to intellectual property rights under any applicable law (such as artwork, images, photos, website templates and widgets, works of literature, source and object code, computer code (including HTML), applications, audio, music, video and other media, designs, animations, interfaces, documentation, derivatives and versions, the look-and- feel of the P-ages Services, methods, products, algorithms, data, interactive features and objects, advertising and acquisition tools and methods, inventions, trade secrets, logos, domains, custom URLs, brands, service marks, trade names and other identifiers in property), whether or not registered and / or registrable (collectively “Intellectual Property”) and all derivatives thereof, are proprietary endom of and / or licensed to P-ages.

    Provided you fully comply with P-ages's Terms and timely payment of all Fees owed, P-ages hereby grants you, after creating your User Account and for as long as P-ages wishes to continue to provide you with P-ages Services, a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, fully revocable, limited license to use the P-ages Services and the Licensed Content, for the purpose of creating and displaying your User Platform to End Users and to Offer user products (as defined below) thereon, only as expressly permitted under the P-ages Terms and only as part of the P-ages Services.

    The P-ages Terms do not confer any rights or interest in P-ages Intellectual Property (or any portion thereof), except for the limited license as expressly granted above. Nothing in the P-ages Terms constitutes a transfer or waiver of any Intellectual Property Rights held by P-ages by law.

    In addition to the above, certain fonts are made available to you as part of the Services of P-ages, which are licensed by a third party supplier to P-ages and are therefore subject to additional licensing terms from the relevant supplier. These additional provisions can be viewed here: https://www.p-ages.com/terms-of-use.html.

    Feedback and suggestions

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nam quis euismod ante. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nullam vitae laoreet lorem. If you send us suggestions, comments or other feedback regarding P-ages (existing, proposed or potential) Services that are or may be subject to intellectual property rights (“Feedback”), this Feedback becomes the exclusive property of P-ages. By providing such Feedback to P-ages, you acknowledge and agree that it may be used by P-ages to: (i) further develop, customize and improve P-ages Services, (ii) assistance and provide technical support, (iii) contact you for general or personalized messages and / or request a conversation based on your Feedback or other information, (iv) support, sponsor and offer certain promotions and monitor the results thereof, (v) generate aggregated statistical data and other aggregated and / or inferred information that can be used by P-ages to provide and improve its services, (vi) P's data security and fraud prevention measures -ages, and (vii) comply with legal obligations and regulations. In addition, (1) you represent and warrant that this Feedback is accurate, complete and does not infringe any rights of third parties; (2) you irrevocably transfer all rights, title and interest you have in relation to the Feedback to P-ages; and (3) you expressly and irrevocably waive any and all claims relating to past, present or future moral rights, rights of artists and other similar rights in the Feedback anywhere in the world.


    Certain portions of the P-ages Services (including certain Third Party Services contained herein require or include the submission, collection and / or use of certain personal data. In particular, P-ages and such Third Party Services may, for the purposes of from accessing or using the P-ages Services, collect, view and use certain data about Users and End Users, including the activities or visits of Users and End Users through the Services of P-ages and / or User Platforms. recommend that you periodically review our Privacy Policy and the corresponding Third Party Services policies for more information about this data collection and use.

    We care about your privacy and you should think so. Read our Privacy Policy for more information about how we handle personal data.

    Fees for Services

    Paid services:

    The use of certain P-ages Services may be made conditional upon the payment of fees determined by P-ages in its sole discretion (“Paid Services” and “Fees” respectively). P-ages will notify you of the Fees applicable to such Paid Services. If you wish to use or receive these Paid Services, you must prepay all applicable Fees.

    P-ages reserves the right to change the Fees at any time after notice has been sent to you to the extent that such change may affect your existing subscriptions. If you have received a discount or taken advantage of any other offer, P-ages has the right to renew your subscription to the relevant P-ages Services automatically and without notice, at the full price of the Fee that applies. .

    All Fees are stated in Euro, unless explicitly stated otherwise in writing by P-ages. To the extent permitted by law (and unless otherwise stated in writing by P-ages), any Fee is exclusive of taxes (including value added tax, sales tax, tax on goods and services, etc.) and charges or duties imposed by tax authorities ( "Taxes") and you are solely responsible for paying any relevant Taxes relating to your use of the P-ages Services or any payment or purchase you make. If P-ages is required to collect or pay Taxes on the Fees due by you and whether such Taxes have already been added to or collected from you in previous transactions, then such Taxes may be added to the payment of any outstanding Fees and they will be included on the Invoice for such transaction. We recommend that you determine if you owe additional fees to third parties in connection with the purchase or renewal of Paid Services (such as international transaction fees, currency conversion fees, or fees to banks or credit card companies). P-ages is not liable for any such additional fees or charges.

    As part of registering or providing information in the context of receiving Paid Services, you also consent to P-ages (directly or through its affiliates, subsidiaries or other third parties) requesting payments and service charges and to collect (or otherwise charge, refund, or bill) through our payment provider or your own banking institution and to make inquiries that P-ages or its affiliates may deem necessary to obtain the checking account or financial information you have provided validate, for the purpose of ensuring prompt payment, including as part of receiving updated payment information from your payment provider, credit card or bank account (for example, updated expiration date or card number information, such as those provided by your credit card company to can be provided to us).

    You must store your credit card information with P-ages in order to pay for your Paid Services ("Stored Card"). You can identify your saved card by the last four digits on the account settings page.


    P-ages and its affiliates will issue an invoice or credit note for any payment of Fees or refunds to or by P-ages (“Invoice”). Each invoice is issued as an electronic document and is based on the country stated in your billing address. Invoices are made available to you via your User account and / or by e-mail. In order to issue the Invoice, you may be required to provide Personal Data (as defined in the Privacy Policy) to comply with local regulations. Please note that the Invoice displayed in your User Account may not be sufficient under the regulations that apply to you, and in that case should only be used as a pro forma document.

    Cancel or Terminate the subscription

    Customer may terminate use of the Service with or without cause by giving P-ages at least fifteen (15) days' prior written notice.
    Accounts are automatically renewed unless canceled in writing before the monthly renewal date. The Customer may terminate his account by giving P-ages at least fifteen (15) days prior written notice by email to support@p-ages.com. The termination effective date must be the last day of a billing cycle, and written notice of termination must be received by P-ages no less than fifteen (15) days prior to the next billing cycle to become effective on the last day of the current billing cycle.
    The Service is billed monthly in advance and is non-refundable. When paying on an annual basis, a refund is given for unused months. In that case, the months used will be charged on the basis of the regular monthly amount.
    Refunds for set up fees and other customizations ordered by the customer and completed by the company will not be provided.
    Cancellation requests must be received before the due date for the next billing cycle.
    P-ages has the right, in its sole discretion, to suspend or terminate your account and refuse any current or future use of the Service or any other P-ages service at any time for any reason. Such termination of the Service will result in the deactivation or deletion of your Account or your access to your Account, and the forfeiture and surrender of all content in your Account. P-ages reserves the right to refuse service at any time for any reason.

    Cancellation by P-ages

    If you fail to comply with one or more P-ages Terms and / or fail to pay any Fee due, P-ages may use your User Account and User Platform (s) or certain features thereof, as well as provide related P-ages Services (for example, Paid Services) or suspend (until full payment is made) or cancel Third Party Services.

    Loss of data, content and capacity

    If your User Account, P-ages Services or Third Party Services relating to your User Account are canceled (either at your request or by P-ages), this may cause or result in the loss of certain content, features or capacity of your User Account, including any User Content, End User data, or other usage data contained therein, such as the reservation or registration of a domain name included with such Services (“Capacity Loss”). P-ages will not be liable in any way for such Loss of Capacity or for backing up your User Account, User Content or End User data. Please also note that additional Fees may be charged for reactivating a P-ages User Account and / or Services upon cancellation, and these Fees are determined by P-ages in its sole discretion.



    The P-ages Services also include certain features that enable you to sell goods, content, media, event tickets and services through your user platform ("User Products", and collectively - "E-Commerce").

    You are solely responsible for your User Products and E-Commerce-related activities, and all promotions and related content incorporated or referenced in your User Platform, and for compliance with all applicable laws. We only offer you the platform to manage your online E-Commerce activities. We are not involved in your relationship and / or any transaction with an actual or potential purchaser of your User Products.

    When someone purchases your User Products, payments for such transactions are processed through P-ages payments or through a third-party payment service provider ("Payment Provider (s)").

    Payment service providers

    Depending on your location, when you purchase certain payment apps, P-ages can automatically connect a P-ages payment account in your name to enable you to accept payments from your customers. Any payout from such an account is contingent upon the completion of the P-ages payment registration process. Such P-ages account is governed by the P-ages Payment Terms of Use, which are hereby incorporated by reference. Please read these terms of use before publishing your site and accepting payments. Any account associated with other Payment Providers is governed by the terms of service of that Payment Provider. We are not a party to, nor are we responsible in any way for your relationship with any such Payment Provider, or for the actions of any of these Payment Providers. You acknowledge and agree that P-ages Payments (if available in your country) will be your default Payment Provider. If you do not wish to keep P-ages Payments or any other Payment Provider active, it is your responsibility to deactivate them.

    Event app

    Depending on your plan, P-ages may charge you a service fee for installing an event calendar if it is not available on your website. You hereby agree to pay such charges, as required by P-ages, and authorize P-ages to direct its payment processing partners or your Payment Provider, as applicable, to deduct such charges from your relevant transactions , or to otherwise collect such charges.

    E-commerce and Guarantees

    By using any of our E-Commerce features, you acknowledge, warrant and agree that:

    you are solely and fully responsible for all Taxes and fees of any kind associated with your E-Commerce business, including Taxes related to the purchase or sale of the User Products, and to collect, collect appropriate amounts report and transmit to appropriate authorities and / or notify your End Users and provide them with a duly issued invoice as required by law;

    Any taxes identified by the E-Commerce features provided to you by P-ages are provided for illustrative purposes only and cannot be invoked in any way;

    you are responsible for and bear all costs associated with the purchase and delivery of your User Products, and for providing those products in a safe and professional manner, in accordance with industry standards;

    you are solely responsible for all representations and promises you make and for all assistance, warranty and support related to the User Products, and you will provide real contact information on your User platform for any queries, complaints or claims; and

    you must not offer or sell User Products, or provide any information, content or material related to User Products that could be considered dangerous, counterfeit, stolen, fraudulent, offensive or improper; that are prohibited for sale, distribution or use; or that otherwise fail to comply with applicable law, including with respect to consumer rights, intellectual property rights or privacy rights, product safety, trade regulations and sanctions, support, maintenance and export; and -

    P-ages may, at any time and in its sole discretion, suspend, disable or delete your User Platform and / or User Products - whether or not incorporated, published with, or forming part of your User Platform - without any liability to you or any End Users, including of any resulting Capacity Losses.


    P-ages reserves the right to change, suspend, or discontinue P-ages Services (or any features or pricing thereof) at any time and in any manner, with or without notice, and / or to terminate your access to P-ages Services for any reason (including deletion of materials produced by you in connection with P-ages Services) and / or to change P-ages Terms . You agree that Wix will not be liable to you or any third party for any modification, suspension or discontinuation of these P-ages Services.

    If such a change involves paying additional Fees, we will notify you of such Fees prior to making those specific changes. If you fail to pay such Fees, we may (in our sole discretion) cancel your User Account, continue to support your existing P-ages Services without making the changes, or provide you with alternative services.

    Term of use applicable law

    You agree that these terms and conditions are governed in all respects by the laws and courts of Belgium. The contracting parties agree that any disputes arising out of and regarding these terms and conditions will be resolved by the joint efforts of the parties. In the event that general consent cannot be obtained, any claim or dispute that the user may have against P-ages. are settled by a court in Belgium.
    The Company reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these Terms at any time. You agree to review these terms regularly and be aware of any changes made. By continuing to use the site after a posted review, you agree to abide by it.

    *This Agreement was last updated on August 22, 2020. It is effective between you and P-ages from the date you accept this Agreement.