As an animal hotel for pets but also pasture animals, you can offer owners of these animals your services online and have online bookings made.





Choose one of our 10 out-of-the-box pet sitter or animal shelter website designs, change their color themes and request additional customization to suit your business profile and needs. We can also deliver unique custom projects.

Present Your Services

With a beautiful P-AGES pet website you can introduce yourself and your professional services to new and existing customers. Simply have them book online.

Your Customer Service Online

Let your customers book online, wherever they are, from their smartphones, tablets or home computers. The P-ages pet sitter planning software monitors availability and prevents your capacity from being overbooked.

Receive Online Payments

Customers can easily pay with the most standard payment methods, if you want a different payment method, you can send us your request via the contact support page with the relevant system that you wish to integrate on your website.

View And Manage Your Customer Database

Your P-ages Pet Sitting website will store detailed profiles of each of your customers, including their contact details, appointment history and other comments, for example about the animals you may want to add.

Let Customers Contact You Easily

Customers can always change their account, view their visit history and if they have any questions can always contact you via the integrated chat module.

Planning & Availability

Let visitors know when you are available, plan your leave and set opening hours with any leave days. Let your customers know when you are fully booked.

Add Different Languages

You can add as many languages as you wish. Let foreign customers reach you better. It is very easy to apply.

Custom Adjustments

If you do not find your aesthetic need in our proposed tools, you can always send us an application by email. Please describe your wishes carefully so that we can integrate them on your website.

Services & Support

Our professional and technically skilled support team will be happy to help you with the initial setup of your pet sitter website. They will support you even after the official launch.